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Welcome to: "At Pina's".

Welcome to: "At Pina's", de site of Snowy, the dog, en Erwina Hoogendijk aka Pina Jones. Snow is the dog of 07-06-2012 and Pien the woman of 55 years YOUNG (!). (I am of 26-06-1964). I say on purpose young cause I feel myself young.

Backstage @ INXS
House of Bono (gate)
Pictures of Artists
Pina Jones'Songs
Letters of Celebrities
Nice pics
with/without my dog.
T. de Wit/E. Hoogendijk
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About Flip, the dog before: I couldn't handle Flip: He is gone to new bosses where his life can become better: Read all in the description of the clip::

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Alors, about the site:

I often send artists my poems and other written works. As you can see at the letters back from them at this site. N-joy my site, folks! Tell everybody about my site. I did my best to make it OK. That's all folks!!! Reactions? send me an E-MAIL

A bark from Snowy and good meant greetzzz, from me, Pina Jones. Have a good day and remember; A smile costs you nothing and will give other people joy! Peace 'n Love to the World!

My new audio: "SuperPina."

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All my sites are in Dutch and English, except the Miss Buff-site.
This one is only in Dutch. With good meant greetzzzz, Joopy & Pina.

Rob Stenders of KX radio for President! (President of Lutjebroek).
And also Fred (Siebelink) a little....

Pina's sites:

When you visit Pina's site,
You'll be given just a light.
In fact; I have more then one
site, to bring you your fun.

Last updated: November, 27ht, 2020.    Erwina alias Pina Jones.

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